Hunting for the Easter Bunny

After an eggceptionally exciting Easter Egg hunt, we decided to pick up the pooch and head for Forest Park. Actually, we went to the Arboretum because it’s hard to get lost and the girls like to visit the spot Mommy and Daddy got married. (It’s still there.)

As usual, I totally over thought my outfit and dressed for alpine slopes, instead of a fun romp through dappled sunlight.

I was sweating quite a bit, but I reasoned that might be okay. I am trying to lose some weight.  As soon as I drank some water it came right back, but for the briefest of moments, I was a few droplets skinnier. Woo-hoo! (Just to clarify my thought process: During the morning egg hunt I wore a raincoat and froze my butt off. Being on a mountain, at a higher altitude, I thought the temperature would naturally be cooler than down below. However, I didn’t take into account the body heat generated by hiking or that as the day wears on it continues to warm. Probably just adding a hoodie under my raincoat would have kept me comfortably numb. Oh well, next time.)

Once upon a forest path a brown bunny hopped across our path. My husband told the girls they might get to see the bunny again. With this timely reminder, they raced down the trail in hot pursuit.

Hippity-Hop-Hop! Since bunnies don’t usually run toward loud sounds, two screaming girls didn’t have much luck finding one. Sophia totally blew her top, “Where is he???!!!! You said we would see the Easter Bunny!!!” Immediately, my maternal instincts told me to diffuse the situation with a lie. “The Easter Bunny needs to get ready for Easter. She’s filling up baskets and stretching her quads, cause she has a lot of hopping to do if she wants to deliver all those baskets by morning.” And, this seemed to work. Sophia shifted gears, picked up a stick and declared it a magic wand.

While the girls practiced owl hoots, and scouted for fairies, Sam kept a sharp watch for that wily rabbit. Distracted by some stacked rocks, Sophia sat down to try her luck. Technically these little rock stacks are called cairns. Hikers and travelers use them to mark a route, to serve as guides for others along the same path. Though there were already several cairns of varying heights, Sophia could only manage a stack a few pebbles high before it toppled over in disgrace. She huffed and puffed and Juliet yipped, “Oh yeah!” which always sounds like Kenny Powers’ sidekick, Steven, if you know how that sounds. When (suddenly) Sam spotted the bunny!

I know how this must sound, but it is entirely true. I took three pictures, but armed only with my iPod, I couldn’t get close enough to take a clear shot. Over a dirty little gully with cinder blocks tossed in it, the bunny kind of hunkered down beneath a fern. Nestled amongst the greenery, he munched on a frond while he happily watched us without any apparent concern for his safety. Due to his brown fur, the critter blended right in, and UGH! The pictures just didn’t come out. Sophia and Juliet couldn’t even see him for at least 5 minutes, despite my frantic pointing and futile attempts at perspective. Finally they did, but were less enthusiastic than I’d imagine. Instead of oohing and awing, Sophia grabbed a pronged branch and pretended to be half a Bambi, which I agree was a pretty funny gag. Next Tico saw the rabbit and lunged. Only then did the bunny realize that a huge dog was with us. It promptly high-tailed it outta there!

So we spent the rest of the walk searching for the perfect climbing tree…


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