Tramping through the Reed Canyon

An Auspicious Morning

We dropped the eldest daughter off at preschool and planned on heading across the river to check out Tryon Creek…but I became less ambitious and just drove across the street. Before Cesar Chavez hits Woodstock, there are a few side streets that veer off to the right clearly marked with DEAD END signs. This is where our trek begins…

We shuffled down a long flight of stairs. Juliet counted, “1, 2, 3, 5, 2, 7, 20,” the way two year olds tend to do, and eventually we made it to the bottom. The path was a little muddy because of the recent rain, and a little overgrown because that neck is seldom traversed…but not too bad. Juliet plunged through the leafy canopy keeping a healthy lead and a weary eye for spiders.

“I’m Spidergirl!”

We crossed a bit of pond, and crossed some small bridges. The path criss-crosses back and forth across the pond and zig-zags through trees and brush. Sometimes we followed a path that led to a a good sitting spot. Sometimes we followed a path that led to some ducks.

Rest Stop

We found a plum tree, but the fruit wasn’t quite ripe. Along most of the trail, the ground is covered with a plant that grows delicious looking red berries. I told Juliet that we shouldn’t eat any unless we can be sure they aren’t poisonous. As luck would have it, we passed a group of students clearing a section of the trail. I asked what’s the deal with the berries and was told that they are a kind of wild strawberry, not poisonous but not good to eat. “Actually kinda gross.” So, that explains why there are so many berries left on the bush…Nobody wants to eat them.

Juliet pooped out about the time we came to the first big bridge. I carried her up the embankment. She toddled across to the other side, but I had to carry her the entire way back, including the arduous climb up the huge staircase. I got pretty tired. Still we had a fun little tramp in the woods and had time for a quick nap before we picked up big sister from school. Pretty, pretty cool.

The sun decided to shine.


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