Pier Park – things are looking Grimm

After watching Grimm on Monday night, we thought Pier Park looked awesome. Like a Disney sitcom, we yelled in unison,”Hey! We ought to check it out!” (In case you missed it, that Blootbot guy takes the pharmacy fox on a romantic picnic there.) According to my Google map, it only takes 28 minutes to drive there, which might explain why I had never heard of it. Still, Sundays are always good for exploring.

Of course, yesterday the wind blew down a limb from a nearby plum tree. Meaning, we are currently up to our eyeballs in plums. A forager’s burden…Now we must process the plums. The kitchen’s filled with jars and there’s no room to make lunch. Our easy picnic solution? Swing by the Vietnamese bakery to pick up some banh mi sandwiches. They are super delicious! I highly recommend them.

Well, Pier Park is not what I thought it would be. TV really does amp up the glamour factor. The trees are certainly tall, but there are a lot of people just milling about sucking on brewskis (despite the many signs warning against such behavior). In our neck of Portland, people are also swilling beer, but at least they disguise it in Big Gulp cups or strategically crumpled paper bags. Patrons of Pier Park didn’t look too concerned about breaking any rules, so I just “tsk-tsked,” to myself and tried to look the other way.

I shouldn’t be so harsh, though. There were a lot of parents and kids there, too. Not everyone was drinking beer. And, it seemed like there were a lot of middle schoolers trying to woo each other…but I could be suffering from an overactive imagination. It’s entirely possible either way.

The kids loved the playground.

The little one thought maybe the slide would be fun, but when she reached the top, she decided her boots would ruin her ride. She slowly backed her way back down the ladder.

The wading pool is beautifully decorated with a tile mosaic,

and surrounded by strange quotes.

There is a disc golf course, and strangely several people were playing. The beginning bench looks like the perfect place to sit and get yourself ready to play (wink, wink)…I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I didn’t think of it until just now.

Sophia led us around on the paths. She really enjoyed herself and cried quite a bit when she realized that she had inadvertently led us back to the car.

On the way home, we had to stop at Sheridan’s to pick up some steelhead. I have never seen Sam drive past Sheridan’s without stopping in for some fish.

He claims that once he did drive past, but he ended up regretting it the rest of the day. Scratch that, the week!


3 thoughts on “Pier Park – things are looking Grimm

  1. Very informative and fun!!! LOVE the photos, sounds like a fun day…we should check out more Grimm Portland hot spots.

  2. Do you remember what the cross streets were where the playground was closest to? I have yet to find a map of the park which shows the playground. Thank you so much.

    • I just checked the Google street view, and I know we parked along N James St. I think it was somewhere near N. Weyerhaeuser Ave. I hope that helps.

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