Canoe Trip – Sturgeon Lake

ImageSturgeon Lake is located somewhere on Sauvie Island. Not quite sure what the problem is, but once I crossover the bridge that leads there my navigation skills go all loopy. Regardless of the maps I print before I leave, never mind the huge map looming on the island, completely dismissive of advice given by whomever happens to be traveling with me, I get hopelessly befuddled and lost. We ended up driving around the entire island before my very patient husband decided to take the reins. Once I admitted that I was lost – again, we found the lake in a matter of minutes. Still mystified, I can only tell you that it is definitely somewhere on that island.P1100660It twas a lot bigger than I imagined it.

P1100679After assembling ourselves in the necessary safety gear and gulping a few deep breaths, we embarked on our first canoe trip. It was pretty shaky at first. We all screamed as my brave husband shoved us into the gently lapping waves.


(He was not screaming.)


Once we had our sea legs, we spied all sorts of strange birds. There were eagles everywhere, circling and hovering above us, and hiding in the thickets on shore.

P1100663We also saw this heron wading in rushes. We were all very quiet so we could paddle close.P1100604With the sun blocked by puffy clouds overhead, our day on the water was surprisingly tranquil and pleasant.P1100605


Back on shore, our fearless leader surveyed the scene. After assigning her little sister the dubious honor of scout, we marched along the shore, exploring the rocks and tunneling trees.


As soon as the canoe was tied down, we got back on the road.

P1100757And headed to Kruger’s Farm for refreshments.

P1100765Picnicking beneath the trees proved to be too much of a temptation for our intrepid daughter. She could not help climbing.

P1100774Both girls also had a lot of fun chasing each other around this giant tire, leaping from it, and climbing inside.


Kruger’s Farm is also located somewhere on Sauvie Island.


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