Tryon Creek Trillium Festival 2014

Recently our family visited the annual Trillium Festival at Tryon Creek State Park.


From the parking lot, we passed a tent selling plants but too eager to start exploring the forest, we decided to hit it up on the way out. After continued down to the visitors center, we discovered a cool set up for the kids featuring the pelts of different animals that inhabit the surrounding forest. Plunging our fingers into the soft fur, we tried to guess which animal we were feeling. The fox was the trickiest because we didn’t realize how small they are. The beaver’s sharp claws were also very impressive. Caught up in my discoveries, I failed to take any pictures of this, but it sure was fun.

Soon, we began our brave venture into the forest.

Our fearless leader

Our fearless leader

Sophia picked up a guide to the local plants and helped us to identify the flora. First find: stinging nettle. I wanted to prevent my children from accidentally brushing against it and just keep peace in the forest.

albino snails surrounded by stinging nettle

albino snails surrounded by stinging nettle

The girls found all sorts of treasures.

Hannah with a snail

A slug on the trail Juliet with owl feathers

 The girls bravely tramped through the moist and mossy trails…P1140851 Searching the mouths of treesP1140850 and the bellies of stumps.P1140905Crossing creeksP1140881over wet wooden bridgesP1140893Careful to check for what lurks beneath…P1140878Sometimes the girls got lostP1140915and deliberated about which path to choose.P1140845Sometimes they just had to stop and smell the skunk cabbage.P1140910Eventually we made our way homeP1140825P1140916Stopping to admire this giant root ball on the way out.P1140941Too tired from our travels, we skipped the plant sale…but there’s always next year!


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