Mt. Tabor

On Easter Sunday, we took our old dog out for a quick trot on Mt. Tabor. He loves sniffing around the mountain, but doesn’t care much for the fenced in dog park.P1150573This year Easter happened to fall on 4/20. Hoards of stoners milled about celebrating the stoniest day of the year by getting high in the highest place within walking distance. It made for a very silly day. As our kids skipped brightly though the daisies in their matching Easter frocks, goofy dudes with glassy-eyed grins drooled with pleasure. “Those sure are some pretty dresses!” growled one very scary looking fellow. The girls beamed with pride. Everyone we passed cooed in blissful admiration at our trio of pastel princesses.P1150553Although they adore the flounciness of a tiered skirt and the shapely curve of cap sleeves, these girls also love sticks. Luckily Mt. Tabor is literally littered with sticks. After each girl carefully selected her special stick, their purplish reign of terror began…P1150495 P1150499 P1150496 P1150521Until someone accidentally bonked herself on the head. Although it looked extremely painful, we were able to regroup and soldier on. P1150563Who sits in this tiny chair?P1150578Is this miner’s lettuce? The leaves are not quite round?P1150674Are those monkey bars?P1150584 P1150609 P1150636P1150671 P1150629 P1150617  P1150641 P1150642 P1150657 P1150664After a whole lotta swinging around, our tummies started to rumble. The stoners all winked, “We know what that means…PIZZA!” So we headed straight to Pizzacato, the closest pizza place around, and stuffed our faces with fat slices of pie.P1150689 P1150695Happy Easter dudes!


2 thoughts on “Mt. Tabor

  1. Looks like fun, and I am glad they can be so active in their dresses…You will definitely know the Miners lettuce when you see it ..with the round leaves ! but yes, this plant does have the white flowers.What a beautiful park Mt.
    Tabor is.

    • It IS miners lettuce! It is a different species called Siberian Miners Lettuce (Claytonia sibirica). It is supposed to be just as yummy the round leafed variety (Claytonia perfoliata). I wouldn’t eat from the patch we found, though. It is growing on a popular dog walking route.

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