Errol Heights Community Garden

While perusing my NW gardening book, I learned that rows of carrots thrive beside rows of onions. Apparently, the repellant nature of onions works to drive away carrot munchers that may be lurking underground. It is known as companion gardening, and I sure hope it works. Last summer my carrots were pretty scrawny, even though they tasted delicious.P1100518I’ve been driving by the Wichita Feed Store for the past couple of weeks, usually passing a sign out front that reads: ONION SETS! So, I stopped and went inside. I really like this store. It is close to my garden. I buy my straw bales from them, but that’s about it. The friendly guy working behind the counter asked what I was looking for, pointed out the small onion bulbs, and explained how to plant them. Super! We grabbed a few handfuls and snagged some carrot seeds to boot. Total cost: $2.20! Super-duper!P1150736Accompanied by my usual rag-tag crew of super-girls, we headed down to the Errol Heights Community Garden. I dug two rows and planted our haul, while the girls kicked butt.

Fortunately the evil Captain Cupcake was defeated early in the game.P1150764She helped me water.P1150702And taught me how to snap.

The garden is blooming mushrooms.

I love mushrooms, but I don’t know much about them. We took some samples home so we could determine what kind were growing.P1150839 P1150842 According to my huge book, Mushrooms Demystified, they are most likely poisonous. They have gills and a veil and might be some kind of amanita. They are definitely not russulas, because their stalks are fleshy not chalky. I am awaiting the results of my spore print, because I can’t figure it out. Varieties that share similar characteristics do not seem to grow on wood chips. I remain mystified.


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