Mother’s Day

I know, I know…Mother’s Day was last month, but as any mother knows, May is hectic. Trying to keep up with all the last minute field trips, end-of-school-year parties, start-of-summer parties, sports schedules, summer camp sign-ups, swim lesson sign-ups, as well the regular ho-hum chaos of school lunches, playdates, and laundry is literally causing my hair to go gray, but I persevere.

On this past Mother’s Day, my lovable in-laws came for the weekend. The girls’ adore them and love to fawn over their little dog Chrissy, so everyone was very excited for their visit. As luck would have it, the softball coach managed to finagle a game at the revered Alpenrose Field where the annual Little League World Series has been played for over 50 years. Apparently, the guy behind Alpenrose Dairy absolutely loved Little League baseball and built a field of dreams on his property. He built it, and we came.

While our team, the Firebirds, were totally slaughtered by the other team, grandma and grandpa cheered from the bleachers.P1170117Unfortunately when big sister came up to bat, little sister decided to play “hang like a bat” from the bleachers.P1170137 P1170124She promptly earned the nickname “Boom Boom” after landing with an excruciating thud right on her head.P1170161P1170167Everyone was worried about her, but the game played on.

The Purple Angels, or whatever they called themselves, beat us by about 100 to none. Still, it was totally fun. We headed to New Seasons for some quick picnic supplies and on to Johnson Creek Park.P1170205 P1170211 This is one of our favorite parks because it has a creek and monkey bars. Two fabulous things that go great together. While the adults swapped cold noodle recipes, the girls explored the edges of the creek in search of birds and berries.

After lunch, we played! Monkey bars, slides, red light/green light, swings, and daisy chains!

Grandpa walked Chrissy and someone took a power nap.P1170468P1170439Just kidding!P1170445Happy Mother’s Day!


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